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If you would like to Book one of our Models then please read the following.

All Ad Agencies, Publications and Brands must be "verified" before they can book Models projects. If you would like to book a Model, then please contact us at to discuss your project.

All Visual Media Producers wishing to hire one of our Models must first contact us and be 'vetted' before you are allowed to make a booking.  You will be assigned a Visual Media Producer ID (VMP#) which is necessary in order to make a booking request. See requirements below.

Visual Media Producer Requirements
  • Before you can book a model, you must first be registered with us and be "vetted."
  • You must be a Professional Visual Media Producer with a demonstrated ability to create quality images, no amateurs or "GWC" (guys with camera.)
  • When you are ready to book a Model, you will be required to tell us everything about the project, including: your client, budget, usage, releases, etc.  Our Models do not shoot on "Spec" nor do they test.  *We will decline all booking requests that do not offer payment.
  • You must agree to our Booking Terms, which we will provide once you are vetted.
  • You must agree to our Booking Fee (20%) and Deposit (20%)  Minimum Booking Fee is 200€, as is Deposit.
  • All Booking Fees and Deposits must be paid within 24 hours in order to hold Model's schedule.
  • Deposit amount is deducted from the invoice we send you, but not the Model Booking Fee.
  • If Model's payment is not received by 3 business days, after the project ends, then we will void the Contract/Release/Usage and take legal action against you.
  • If you cancel within seven (7) days of the project, then you lose both the Booking Fee and your Deposit.
  • You must allow our Models to have an "escort" during the shoot. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • You agree to only ask the Model to perform work she has been contracted for.
  • You will not ask or request that the Model sign any other release or agree to any change to the contract you submitted to us and we approved.
  • If Model feels unsafe or is approached to do other types of work not in the contract, then she has the right to leave.
  • If you have booked any of our Models in the past, you must still book the model, through us, and you will not contact Model directly for future work. If done, you will lose your VMP#.
  • Must provide the following information via email to: in order to "vette" you.
      • Name
      • Location
      • Phone Number
      • Website URL (no social media)
      • Email
      • Years in Business
      • Specialties
      • Credits
  • Once we have reviewed your information we will inform you of our decision.

Any other questions then please contact us at:

Thank you.

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